Emulated Amiga's
Amiga emulators exist for a number of operating systems and both Aural illusion and Aural Synthetica can be run on these. Only WinUAE (supplied as part of the Amiga Forever package) has been tested.
Both programs appear to run fine although the graphics are slow as both programs use native Amiga graphics modes only. DO NOT PRESS PLAY on either program as the emulator used does not appear to agree with the play routine used in the programs. You might get playback but it was found that playing tended to cause crashes.
To get the best results use the 020 version of Aural Synthetica as it is significantly (up to 100%) faster than the standard version. The DblPAL020 version of Aural illusion however does not work as it uses an unsupported screen mode. The standard version appears to work fine however.
A recompiled 020 version of Aural illusion v2.06 for UAE can be downloaded Here (54K). This should also work on real Amigas but sound playback will NOT work properly above 31KHz. For docs please go to the main Ai2 archive. This version of Ai2 is up to 100% faster than the standard version when emulated.
The drawing routines in Aural illusion redraw the sample everytime you click on a sample window but this isn't that noticable on a normal Amiga. The Amiga emulation however is somewhat slower in the graphical department and the redrawing is very noticable now! Aural Synthetica doesn't draw the sample in the same way but the programmer window will take several seconds to redraw.
Running Ai and AS under emulation may be sounding like a very bad idea but there is one very big benefit to be had from emulation - processing speed. The 020 version of Aural Synthetica running on a Pentium 233 gives similar if not better performance than a 50MHz 030, not bad going considering it's being emulated. Higher clocked CPUs should deliver 040 or better performance. According to the Amiga Forever docs the emulator has been tested on a 533MHz Alpha system and the performance is twice that of a 060 system! Expect high end PCs to deliver similar performance.
Emulator Settings
It's best to set the emulator to maximum performance if you can stand the slow redraws. The floating point (68881) emulation will probably not make much (if any) difference.

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