Aural illusion v2.0
Blachford Technology announces Aural illusion v4.0 for the BeOS(R)
RELEASED March 3, 1999
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Nicholas Blachford
Managing Director
Blachford Technology
Glendale House
77 Southwell Road
Co. Down
BT20 3AE
United Kingdom
Blachford Technology announces Aural illusion v4.0 for the BeOS(R)
Bangor, United Kingdom - March 3, 1999. Blachford Technology is proud to announce the forthcoming release of Aural illusion v4.0 for the new BeOS operating system. Expected shipping date is Q2 '99.
Aural illusion features more than 200 effects with which to use, abuse, beat and generally mutilate your audio samples. In addition to the usual editing and processing tools, users will be able to concentrate on the creative processing of samples. Effects are arranged into a number of categories, from standard effects (reverb, chorus, various delays, distortion, enhance, filters etc.) to more complex effects (multi-band EQs, mathematical operations such as Sin, Cos, Exp, Log, etc.). More elaborate effects are available for more demanding users (manipulation of the sound samples, dual manipulations, stereo effects).
"BeOS provides the most advanced media operating system on common and up to date hardware." Said Nicholas Blachford, CEO of Blachford Technology. "Now users want more. Aural illusion can provide the most comprehensive suite of audio effects users can dream of".
"Blachford Technology has already seduced a lot of Amiga users, and is now targetting the right operating system at the right time". Said Guillaume Calmon, Developer Evangelist. "Aural illusion will perfectly fulfill our customers' needs for audio creativity. This unique application will give them extra touch that makes all the difference."
About Blachford Technology: Based in Northern Ireland, Blachford Technology started producing audio software for the Amiga market in 1993. Both Aural illusion and Aural Synthetica were originally designed for and delivered to the Amiga plateform. Blachford Technology is now focusing on the BeOS.
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About Be: Be, Incorporated, founded in 1990 by Jean-Louis Gassee, is a software company focusing on building new foundations for the next generation of digital content and media design tools. With a team of industry-leading engineers and business executives in the United States and Europe, the company is dedicated to removing the limitations of existing computer architectures and delivering a new level of price performance. In 1997, Be published the first public release of the Be Operating System (BeOS(R)), the core product of his strategy. Additional information on Be and the BeOS is available online at Be, Inc. is headquartered in Menlo Park, California.

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