Aural Synthetica v1.1
Synthesis (Aural Synthetica) source code
Do you want code?
Synthesis is the name for the source code release of Aural Synthetica. Any future version of Aural Synthetica will likely be completely re-written and will most likely appear on BeOS.
Rather than leaving the existing Aural Synthetica as to die as an old Amiga app we have decided to release the source code under a BSD style license allowing anyone to access the code and do whatever they please with it.
Synthesis was and is a very powerful sound generation program despite the fact it is now 3 years old. It doesn't work in quite the same as many more modern day software synths but then that was never the intention. What it has is versatility and it has that by the bucket load. The Oscillators alone can produce powerful fat sounds before they go anywhere near the other processing modules.
If you plan on doing anything with the program please let us know, if there are any projects set up we can add links on this page and who knows, we might even be able to help out.
Please Note: We are keeping the name Aural Synthetica for future use hence for the code release we changed the name to Synthesis.
The source code is here 559K. The source sode is included as well as the GUI file for GadToolsBox, a copy of GadToolsBox, and HTML'd user documentation.
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