Welcome to The Gallery

In 2003 I got re-interested in an old hobby of mine: Photography.

I went out and got myself an expensive but very good camera - a Canon 10D digital SLR. It's high resolution and takes large SLR lenses so the pictures come out amazing - forget the Megapixels, get a good lens first . I take pictures of pretty much anything I can point a camera at and being digital I take plenty of them.

All images are resized so they can be displayed on the web and don't take up too much bandwidth.

Most were taken in Paris, a city seemingly designed for Photographers!

To the Pictures: (Warning! pages are 2-3 MegaBytes each)

Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe
La Defense and Grande Arche de la Defense
New - Fete de la musique 1 - A band, loads of people and a lot of beer.
New - Fete de la musique 2

Artistic Pictures
"Frozen" Water
Best of BeGeistert 012

Bangor, Northern Ireland
The Marina - Never knew home could look so good.
Some trees and a windy day - they look better than they sound!

Buildings in La Defence
Buildings in La Defense.

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