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Blachford Geneology page

You can find Blachford's in England, Northern Ireland, Holland (me), Wales, America, Canada, Australia and probably a few other places as well.. You can also find quite a few other people with remarkably similar names. This is not surprising given how much our name is mispelled.

We also have a tendency to name things after ourselves: Roads, lakes, Companies etc.. There's a lodge at Blachford lake in Canada, The travel guy at Microsoft (Mr Blachford) might know how to get there.

My late Grandfather did quite a bit of study into the Blachford family tree and contacted others who have done the same, this information is now with my Father.

If you have any info or just want to say hello just email me (address on front page).

Did you know...

One of the Blachford Coats of Arms

For info on the family tree my dad has a site here.


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