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To make this page actually useful, rather than just pointing to the same sites everyone else does I have, where possible added links to other preferably big links pages. Giving you loads of pages to look through and saving me a lot of bother.

This bit got so big they have their very own page now - AMIGA Links

Quick Links

General Internet Stuff   Science   Space   Sci-Fi   Hear Music   Play Music   VRML   Computer Companies   Computer_Stuff   Chips   UFOs   Other   Women   British_Politics   Going Places   Jobs   Family   Today   News   British TV   FTP   Search_Engines  


General Internet stuff
Type in any URL at this web site - !sdrawkcaB
New to the Internet - Big Dummy's Guide to the Internet
Some stuff about (including News group FAQs) - The Internet
Learn the World Wide Wait - World Wide Web FAQ
What web pages folks go to - PHOAKS Index


My Favorite TV program ever (and not just because of Philippa Forrester!) - Tomorrow's World
And there's more - BBC Science Programmes
Good Science magazine - New Scientist:Planet Science
And another - Scientific American
Take the Natural approach - Nature - International weekly journal of science
Better by degrees- The Open University
Einstein fans look here - Erk's Relativity Pages
Lets get Physical - Physics-related resources
They did - Center for Gravitational Physics and Geometry
Russian science journal - Home page of the Journal 'Gravitation and Cosmology'
Some nice graphics here (I think) - UBC Computer Science Home Page
Technology related stuff - Future Technology and Research, SGI/N64 Technical Info
Author of good books - Stephen Hawking
Go back to the future - Time travel for beginners
Get some utterly brilliant (big) movies files - Fractal Movie Archive
And loads of pics here - Sprott's Fractal Gallery
Any more questions? - Misc Info


Space, The final forntier
Expensive holiday destinations - Astronomy Picture of the Day
Expensive travel agent - Today@NASA
Driving Holidays - Mars Pathfinder - Welcome to Mars!
This one gets you very High - Mars Global Surveyor
Hotels in space - MIRNEWS MAIN INDEX
Get totally spaced out - Astronomy Links
Get even more spaced out - AstroWeb: Astronomy/Astrophysics on the Internet
Does Hale Bopp? Does Bopp Hale? - Comet Hale-Bopp Home Page (JPL)
Automatic telescope takes pictures for you - Whats new with the Bradford Robotic Telescope?
Slightly more expensive telescope - Latest HST Pictures


Beauty in the darkness - Babylon 5 - Docking Procedures
Beauty in the UK - Gold Channel
Beauty worldwide - Larry King's Babylon 5 Links
Big page with loads of - STAR TREK LINKS
Join the hive - Dark Skies Links: The Storm is here
The truth is in here - X-Files Links
Spot the difference - Star Wars Trilogy: Special Edition
No Kidding! - The Ultimate Star Wars Links Page
Quick, hide behind the sofa! - Jez + Ozy's : Doctor Who Link Bonanza
Feeling slippy, then slide away - Sliders Links
Various shows - The SciFi-Network
Books and Research - Science Fiction-Related Materials


Hear Some Music
Genocide - The Official Site For Genesis & The New Album.
I like them (and their music`s not bad either) - Spice Girls @ The Spice Shack
A change of season - The Daryl Hall and John Oates Home Page!
After the road to Hell, relax at - Chris Rea Home Page
Great music, shame about the song titles - Jean Michel Jarre
Excellent - (needs Shockwave) - David Bowie
Surf the infobahn then have a few drinks at - Kraftwerk unofficial infobahr
Ex Fleetwood Mac Guitarist... - Go Insane: A Lindsey Buckingham Web Site
Get Worms - Bjorn Lynne, a.k.a. Dr.Awesome - Soundtracks & CD albums
Literally anyone you've ever heard of - Yahoo! - Entertainment:Music:Artists
Loads of Italian - FAN CLUBs
More fan pages - UK Artist Links
200,000 old 45's - Record Finders
Need a copy of that song - The Complete MIDI File Directory


Make Some Music
Meet Kevan & Gareth at - MidiCraft
Amiga/PC Tracker - The OctaMED Home Page
It's a Blast - Welcome to the Creative Zone
Audio Research - Electro-Acoustic Page
Home made virtual synth - Welcome to Thierry's Home Page
Up for a real challange? Try C Sound Directory of /pub/jpff
Audio Links - MSJ's Bookmarks
Millions of Audio links - Audio Related WWW & FTP Sites
Loads of MIDI links -The MIDI Station - MIDI Links
Or a Juno - ThE aLpHa-DiaL
Perhaps something else - Vintage Synth


Get Unreal -VRML (Virtual Reality pages)
See some works of art - Museum.wrl
Go to sea - VrmlRW Dry Dock
Learn how to pick up girls - Robot Arm
Check out a new house - Cybertown Apartment
Catch a train- Metro Station
Go figure - Knowhaus Home
Visit other worlds - VRML . SGI . COM


Want some toast - NewTek Television
Fruity Computers - Apple Computer
Whats next - Welcome to NeXT Software, Inc.
Sparky - Sun Microsystems
Cool graphics - Welcome to Silicon Surf
Computer ran out of steam? Try one of these - Cray Research Inc Home Page
Sound cards - Welcome to the Creative Zone!
Video cards - DiamondMultimedia
Motherboards - ASUS WWW Server


Computer Stuff
Java city- John Blachford's Cool Homepage
Then - The Java Lobby
95 reasons - Anti-Micro$oft Jokes
First ever electronic computer made here - Bletchley Park Home Page
This can't be real - The Virtual Museum of Computing
Research - The InfoPad WWW Server
Link up your computers - Computer Link Page of Lars Rzymianowicz


Chips for lunch?
Load of chips - Great Microprocessors of the Past and Present
Whos fastest - General Processor Information
Latest chip news - MegaHertz - What's New on this site!
Find all the companies here - IndustryWebServers
And in depth analysis here - MicroDesign Resources
Smart memory users go here - Smart Mem
Cross Rambo and a memory bus - Rambus Online
Speed freaks only - DIGITAL Semiconductor Alpha Microprocessors
Send in the clones - WelcometoCyrix!
Power 2 the people - IBM Microelectronics Home Page


UFO - Unfortunate Flower Observations
Serious UFO investigations - UFO MAGAZINE HOMEPAGE
Really serious UFO investigatior - STAN FRIEDMAN'S U.F.O. PAGE
Weekly roundup of information - UFOINFO Home Page
First look them up - Table of Contents
All over the world - UFO NET Global Description Page
In the UK (fortnightly e-zine here) - United Kingdom UFO Network
Then make yourself at home (weekly e-zine) - UFO HOME
Engage in some - Alien Research
Load of links here - Crow & Raine's UFO Site
Another invertigator - Sean's UFO Web Site
Focus your thoughts - Welcome to Ufocus: The Ultimate UFO Site
And Produce - Alien Encounter Productions
Seen the Film, Read the book now visit -The Communion Homepage
The get abducted - Fire in the Sky - Travis Walton's alien abduction experience
Whos talking alien -People on #ufo right now
UFO News - CNI News Home Page
This is not a circular - Crop Circle Connector
Alternative Science - Antigravity (electrogravitice, magnetogravitics)
Paranormal American Radio Show -TheArtBell Web Page


My ISP- Demon Internet Ltd
My Browser - Welcome to Netscape
My Modem - U.S.Robotics
Activate your balls! - The UK National Lottery ...Actually a win got me onto the internet!
In case you wondered who she was - The Philippa Forrester Page
Or if you didn't - Links! Links!! Links!!!
Sony Electronics Online
Macromedia - Shockwave Gallery
More talk - Hot Gossip
Say hello to the Queen - The Royal Family
Need transport - TopCar.com - The Internet Car Showroom
Ring Ring - bt.com - How to use this site
Keep warm at night - Welcome to Quilters.com.
And now for something completely different - PythOnline
Various Links - Throughout The Dark Months


Hidden away - FragMs HiDeOuT
Stashed away - Women archive
Stuck up in a gallery - Celebrity Picture Gallery
Relaxing - Robs Relaxing Celebs
Some here and there - The unofficial Home and Away Home Page


They won - The Labour Party
They lost - Conservative Party Homepage
They did better - Liberal Democrats: Make the Difference
If you're a (Euro) sceptical person - THE FREE BRITAIN SITE
British Political Links - The New British Politics page
Mooooooooo - Official Mad Cow Disease Home Page


Going somewhere?
Staying in Bangor? - Irish Bed and Breakfast
Twice? - Stilwells
With money?- Welcome to the Marine Court Hotel, Bangor, Northern Ireland
Sunny holidays - Dominican Republic Home Page


Looking for aJob?
Reed - Computing Permanent Job Index
Bulldog Engineering Recruitment
Welcome to Job.net
The JobServe Database: Today's Permanent Positions


Fun for all theFamily
Family Tree Maker's Genealogy Site: Internet FamilyFinder
RootsWeb Genealogical Data Cooperative


The Weather UK - The Met.Office Home Page
Current sattelite pictures - METEO-FRANCE : Today's weather
Want to know the weather just about anywhere? - WeatherNet


Here is theNews
From the - BBC News
CNN Interactive
New Century Network
The New York Times on the Web
Mercury Center
USA Today
MSNBC Cover Page
Welcome to NEWS.COM
ZDNNews: Page One


British Broadcasting Corporation

Channel 4
Channel 5


FTP Sites
Microsoft FTP site
STB Systems FTP
FTP Directory: ftp://ftp.u-net.net/


Now where did I leave it...?

The Best
AltaVista: Main Page

The Rest
Welcome To Starting Point(TM)
excite Netsearch
Infoseek Guide
WebCrawler Searching
Welcome to Lycos
Switchboard Home Page
Netscape Search
AOL NetFind


Yahoo! People Search
Yellow Pages


Make your site visible.
Add Me!
Submit It!: The Web Site Promotion Tool


Hope you enjoyed your stay, Do come again.

and enjoy the surf...

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