About me
I think therefore I might be

Hello, my name is Nicholas Blachford.

Above is a recent-ish (April 2002) picture of me.

Below is me sitting beside the river Tees in Yarm in the north of England where I lived for a few months, it was just meant to be a picture of me but it's a nice picture so I just included the lot.

Me in Yarm

I'm into all sorts of things most of which involve sitting in front of a Computer for hours on end and drinking lots of coffee (or sometimes Beer) with of course a CD playing in the background.

As you may notice from this site I am an inventor of sorts but I don't generally (if ever) build anything I invent. I just dream things up then draw a few diagrams write a few pages and that's about it. I've included a few of my computer ideas, an anti gravity machine and my addition to the world of theoretical physics which is unusual in that I'm not actually a physicist. There's also my contributions to microprocessor and computer design (some of which appear to have come true!) as well as some assorted other stuff.

You can find the sort of Books (with reviews), TV & Films I Like here.

I'm not sure this feels so good
One handycam and you too can look like an alien.

The above pictures were taken with a camcorder with the lens zoomed to maximum or minimum. Scary eh?

You can e-mail me if you want but only if you're sad enough:
nicholas AAT blachford DOOT info