So you want to see my Equipment!!!

Musicians have a great tendany to show off their musical equiptment so why shouldn't I?

I actually don't have much at all apart from a few synthesizers and guitar pedals...

Roland Jx10

This is a bloody great monster that appeared in the Rock Shop (Bangor's music shop) in mid 1996, one listen and I was hooked, lined and sinkered. I've been after a decent polyphonic analogue synth for ages and you really don't get much more decent than this. It even came with the PG800 programmer unit which is a little box covered with umpteen sliders and knobs which you use for creating sounds (a control freaks paradise). The Jx10 has quite possibly the worst MIDI implemtation ever but it's the sound I am after, and it is truly awesome. If anyone out there has a Jx10/Jx8p or similar let me know, there is also a home page for the Jx10 (and closley related synths) complete with software to download.

Moog Micromoog

This is similar in some ways to the infamous Minimoog but stuck with one oscillator and a second which is permanantly fixed at one octave below (or above). You can however produce the most amazing array of sounds out of it, You can't really compare it with the Jx10 as although they are both analogue the sounds produced are completely different due to the different components and especially the different filters. This one is really neat in that you can feed external signals into it and process them with the filter, play a guitar into it and you have a real cool wha-wha pedal.

Yamaha CS01

I got this for £25 in a music shop in Belfast one day, It's a wee tiny thing but it is in fact a proper analogue synthesizer which was apparently once sold for around £200. Has quite a few settings none of which are any good except the PWM setting which produces a brilliant analogue phasey sound. It doesn't sound very good for the most part but it becomes a totally different kettle of fish when you feed it through a flanger or chorus pedal.

I used to own:

A Casio CZ1000 which I quite liked and I wouldn't mind getting another, Despite being digital it had a nice sound to it.

I also once owned a Kawai K1 which was very good when I got it but eventually I completely went off it because it couldn't do the sounds I wanted to make. A chorus and EQ would do that keyboard the world of good.

I also once owned a Horner Pianet T which I really liked even though you couldn't change the sounds (if you can't change the sounds I generally get very bored with a keyboard). Unlike everything else this is a "real" instrument and this explains why it had a nice "natural" sound.

As you may notice all the keyboards I have are analogue and I must admit I am an analogue fan, they produce certain sounds which digital systems just cannot match. Recently there has been quite a few digital simulations of analogue instruments appearing like the Roland JP 8000 which, from what I've read is a "virtual" Jx10 with proper MIDI. Then there is the Korg Prophecy, Yamaha AN1x and the Nord Lead which are along the same lines. This seems to be the direction synsths are now going in, I look forward to when you can buy a synth which does not only the analogue synth sounds but also has the variety and depth of the current "normal" digital synths about these days.

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