Who's been accessing blachford.info?

82 top level domains, 2 non-domain, 74 countries - at least!


I have identified all the following countries from entries in my web logs. There may be more but many entries are only an IP number or use a .net or .com domain so it is difficult or impossible to tell which country. Weirdly .org is very rare.

I don't get country stats anymore so this list will likely remain as it is.

.at - Austria
.be - Belgium
.ba - Bosnia and Herzegovina
.bg - Bulgaria
.hr - Croatia
.cz - Czech Republic
.fr - France
.de - Germany
.gr - Greece
.hu - Hungary
.is - Iceland
.it - Italy
.ie - Ireland
.lu - Luxembourg
.mt - Malta
.nl - Netherlands
.pl - Poland
.pt - Portugal
.ro - Romania
.sk - Slovak Republic
.si - Slovenia
.ee - Estonia
.lv - Latvia
.lt - Lithuania
.es - Spain
.ch - Switzerland
.tr - Turkey
.uk - United Kingdom
.yu - Yugoslavia
.dk - Denmark
.fi - Finland
.no - Norway
.se - Sweden

.ge - Georgia
.ru - Russian Federation
.ua - Ukraine

.dz - Algeria
.bw - Botswana
.ke - Kenya
.mu - Mauritius
.za - South Africa
.zm - Zambia

.cn - China
.fj - Fiji
.hk - Hong Kong
.in - India
.id - Indonesia
.il - Israel
.jp - Japan
.mo - Macau
.my - Malaysia
.np - Nepal
.pk - Pakistan
.ph - Philippines
.sa - Saudi Arabia
.sg - Singapore
.kr - South Korea
.th - Thailand
.tw - Taiwan
.ae - United Arab Emirates

.au - Australia
.nz - New Zealand

North and Central America
.aw - Aruba
.bz - Belize
.ca - Canada
.co - Colombia
.do - Dominican Republic
.gt - Guatemala
.mx - Mexico
.us - United States of America

South America
.ar - Argentina
.br - Brazil
.cl - Chile
.uy - Uruguay

Other Domains

de-ha-fwl01 - dot not? - no domain.

Loads from:

.edu - This site is apparently very popular at Universities.
.t-dialin.net (German ISP)
.telia.com (Swedish ISP)
Germany and Sweden appear more then most but Italy seems to be picking up.

Interesting Highlights:

.ja.net - Ja is yes in Dutch - but it's actually Janet, a UK academic network.
.paris.swm.de - I Thought Paris was in France ?

.bayarea.net - Silicon Valley
.fraunhofer.de - inventors of MP3

.amiga.com - The best Computers ever (got one, had 4)
.sgi.com - Funky workstations
.compaq.com - Computers
.dec.com - thought they were dead? (got one - an Alpha)
.ibm.com - Great big computers
.motorola.com - Chips, Phones (got one of each)
.via.com.tw - Chips for computers (got one)
.intel.com - Lots of chips for computers (had 2)

.ms.com - Morgan Stanley - (Money, I could do with some)
.fedex.com - Post
.nokia.com - Phones (had one)
.alcatel.fr - French Phones (got one for sale)
.philips.com - TVs (got one)
.skoda.cz - Cars (I don't drive)
.bmwgroup.com (but my Dad does)
.boeing.com - Planes (er, not yet)
Lockheed-Martin (more Planes)
.spacegate.kiev.ua - Spaceships? (I want one, let me out of here!!)
NASA Johnson Space Center (more Spaceships!)
Mitsubishi Electric - Cars, HiFi etc. etc. etc.
European Patent Office (For the inventive)
uspto.gov - US Patent office (more inventive types)

.icafeprinter.uta.edu - this site is so popular even a printer had a look!
.pi.be - and so did a mathematical symbol.

validator.w3.org - Er, me. I used this to check the conversion to XHTML.

For the paranoid:

.htv.fi - Finnish TV
.rte.ie - Irish TV
.bbc.co.uk - British TV
.dera.gov.uk - British Military Research
.mil - US military
.army.mil - US Army
.navy.mil - US Navy
.af.mil - US Air force
.state.mn.us - Minnesota State Government
.gov.br - Brazilian Government
.gov.bc.ca - Canadian Government
.gov.uk - British Government
.skynet.be - Skynet was the baddie computer that created "The Terminator" !!!

A conspiracy including the US military is easy. However one that includes Irish TV, Finnish TV, the Brazilian Government and the Terminator requires quite an imagination!

For the really paranoid:

.health.state.ny.us - the men in white coats are coming to take me away...
serial-no.health.utah.gov - give me a number,
.netcraft.com - scan me,
.open.ac.uk - study me,
.kodak.com - take pictures,
.adobe.com - modify them, then...
.hollywoodcenter.com - make a movie!

Search Engines having a search:

I get a lot of automated searches from servers without domain names.

but nobody from:

Anatomy of a bombardment

I wrote a review of BeGeistert 008, it consisted of 52 files, most of which were pictures. Then the story went on OSNews on Saturday 13th April 2002. This is what happened next:

Numbers for 13th - 17th April 2002:

2,135 Users
57,476 Hits
2,798 Megabytes

1,969 People read the review - (75 X the number who actually went).
1240 Viewed the first page of pics.
861 Viewed the last (5th) page of pics.
856 Downloaded the movie file.

Several countries were added to list.


To get this page search for:

impossible macau googlewhack

A Googlewhack is where you attempt to get just one response from Google.


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