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Current News
Janurary 22nd 2002 There is no news, nor is likely to be any more!
Previous News
Mid 2001 Never completed, Aural illusion is released as open source under a BSD style license.
September 5th 1999 Price finalised at $79.99 (US$).
The number of Effects is likely to exceed 250!
August 7th 1999 Apologies for the delays, programming Aural illusion is taking a bit longer than expected - My horoscope is more accurate than my release date forecasts...
June 10th 1999 New screen shots or Aural illusion v4.0 including the "Masterpiece of High Weirdness" Attractor Display.
March 28th 1999 First demo of Pre-Alpha version of Aural illusion v4.0 shown at the Geek-Tea held at Be Europe.   Demo was shorter than intended due to this author getting throughly lost en-route!!! Many thanks to Be Europe for arranging this demo.
April 8th 1999 Source code to Aural Synthetica released under the title Synthesis.
March 3rd 1999 Official announcement of Aural illusion v4.0 for the BeOS.
March 3rd 1999 Nicholas Blachford, CEO of Blachford Technology Interviewed at Le buzz
February 28th 1999 New Blachford Technology web site at goes live.
February 1999 Aural illusion and Aural Synthetica both featured on Future Music CD.
February 3rd 1999 Blachford Technologies? features in major Be inc. press release detailing 26 companies working on the BeOS.
Janurary 1999 Aural illusion to debut as v4.0 on the BeOS. Version number pushed up one due to the restructuring of the program code needed and a large number of extra Effects being added.
Janurary 1999 Aural illusion for Amiga Emulations placed on website along with fastest versions of Aural illusion and Aural Synthetica.
December 1998 Aural illusion v2.06 and Aural Synthetica v1.1 become freely distributable. Added to website for download.
August 1998 Aural illusion v3.0 for Amiga cancelled, To be ported to BeOS instead.

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